Reflective Hi-Viz Gear

Harley-Davidson® Men's Reflective and Hi-Visibility Clothing and Gear – Practice The Art of "Being Seen"

“I looked but I didn’t see him,” he said. This is a typical refrain the responding Police Officer hears while documenting the scene of a car/motorcycle accident. Why didn’t he see the motorcycle? The answer is simple. He was looking for a car, not a bike! People only see what they are looking for. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists get hit all the time because drivers are not looking for THEM, they're looking for CARS.

Being seen on your bike – that’s the goal. Once that is accomplished, you’re 90% there. What helps? Shout out “SEE ME” high visibility gear can turn the tables in your favor, especially in high density urban traffic. Being seen is essential. So, let’s work on that!

Let’s review some "Being Seen" strategies. While the bike’s headlight is on all the time, more can be done, like installing a pulsating headlight to attract attention. How about wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet actually increases your visibility by enlarging the head’s profile, so wear one. The next step is to include brightly colored and reflective clothing. Our selection of Harley-Davidson® and Missing Link® reflective and brightly colored safety clothing is worth the time to consider, too. Brightly colored clothing helps during daylight and reflective clothing also works in lower light conditions. We have what you need to be seen by our 4-wheeled friends. Reflective outerwear is something you need, like reflective gloves, chaps, rain suits, and flags.

Anything and everything you can do to be "seen" counts. Our safety gear inventory has a variety of styles, colors, with extended sizes too, including big and tall. The choice is yours: "To be seen," or "Not to be seen." Shop and "Be Seen."