Chaps and Pants

Redline Leather® and Milwaukee Leather® Men's & Women's Motorcycle Chaps* and Pants - Now you have a Choice

Chaps and leather pants on a motorcycle make sense. Even a flying beetle or dragonfly can raise a serious welt at 70-mph. Don't let them leave their mark on you! Protect your lower legs and thighs with all the latest chaps and pants from Redline Leather® and Milwaukee Leather®. We have the selection you want, whether it's leather chaps or 600D Cordura pants. FILTER BY checking your gender and/or size at the upper left. Speaking of sizes, we have extended sizes, too.

We know you want choices. You will find that these offerings are quality made at affordable prices. If you are looking for innovation, quality, and superior all weather performance, rely on to find the best fit and price for you. Redline Leather® and Milwaukee Leather® are reputable manufacturers known for their attention to detail at competitive prices. You can have your way at

*Chaps. The Spaniards first wore them to protect their legs from cactus, brush, and thorns while on horseback. Even modern day cowboys wear them. And so do motorcyclists. They are called “chaps” in English, derived from the Spanish word, “chaparreras.”