Casual Shoes

Harley-Davidson® Men’s Casual Boots and Shoes – For Hiking or Just Walking Around

These Heritage-inspired boots and shoes are designed to embrace your free spirit when you leave the house, whether you’re walking or tearing up a hiking trail. Harley® provides the right footwear for these activities, too, because they know that there are things to do other than riding motorcycles all day. These more casual boots and shoes have shorter shafts, including low-quarter styles. Most have a lighter textile/leather combination upper to fight fatigue, especially when you are picking them up and putting them down for your daily 5-mile exercise fix. Whether it's for walking or hiking, for work or play, there is an off-the-bike Harley® shoe that will work for you. Be careful if you are looking for a boot that works both on the bike and off the bike. Most of the boot selections in this category are not intended for wear while riding motorcycles. These boots all have shafts that are lower than the 5-inch minimum that is generally considered safe for motorcycle riding. But if you miles to go before you sleep, on foot at least, you’ve come to the right place. We’re ready to help at