Cold Weather Gear

Harley-Davidson® Women’s Cold Weather Clothing and Accessories – Extend Your Riding Season

Here is a nice selection of cold weather clothing and accessories. You’ll find a select number of jackets, as well as accessories that help when it's cold. Don’t park your bike just because the temperature is getting on the cool side - extend the riding season with the proper clothing. Keep your skin protected from the cold with ear warmers, heated soft shell jackets, gloves, heated gloves, face masks, head masks, balaclavas, neck and chest gaiters, scarves, neck tubes, and thermal mid-layers. Check out the FXRG Thinsulate Mid-Layer Jacket, Part Number 98269-19VW. Total comfort. We’ve also included several fashionable scarfs. Look for all your favorite Harley® logos, too.

Because we know you appreciate a choice, we have also included quality cold weather offerings from TAW Gear’s™ That’s A Wrap, Missing Link®, and Redline®.

Ride safe, stay warm with