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Harley-Davidson® Men’s Full-Finger Glove Liners - Extending the life of your gloves

Glove liners accomplish several things for motorcyclists. First, they offer additional warmth without having to purchase a heavier set of gloves. On those days when it’s cool in the morning but warm in the afternoon, you can easily shed the liners when they are no longer needed. That also means you don’t have to carry around a bulky second pair of leather gloves all day. Second, we think there is another reason for using glove liners. If the lining in your most cherished, can't live without leather gloves wears out due to use over the years, add a glove liner to extend its life. Thirdly, we’ve also heard it rumored that some motorcyclists have been known to wear glove liners as if they were gloves. (Shhhhhhhh! Tell No One. You didn’t hear it here – after all, it’s just a rumor).

Ride safe and keep your hands warm with an extra layer of protection with a glove liner. has practical answers for practical problems.