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Harley-Davidson® Men’s Glove Liner Accessories

Most references say that glove liners do three things for you. First, if you’re out and your gloves are not fending off the weather, don a pair of liners for the extra protection you need. Second, in case you only want one pair of gloves, having a liner for extra warmth avoids a purchase. Third, as a substitute for carrying two pairs of gloves – wear the liner under the glove in the morning when it is cooler, and shed it when the sun warms up the day. We would like to add a fourth good reason. If the lining in your most favorite of all time gloves wears out due to use, add a glove liner to extend use. And, motorcyclists have been known to wear glove liners as if they were gloves. We don’t recommend that, but it’s out there and everyone knows it. Ride safe and keep your hands warm with an extra layer of protection with a glove liner.