Milwaukee Leather® and Redline® Leather Gloves – For Men and Women - The Best Alternatives

The Harley® biking community is an incredibly inclusionary group - and they are independent minded. They know Harley® products are high quality, but they also understand that other manufacturers also insist on high quality – and they are not afraid of thinking and choosing for themselves. Because we know you want alternatives, we have included a collection of motorcycle gloves made by Redline® and Milwaukee Leather® that won’t disappoint.

Premium leather gloves are a must for safe and comfortable motorcycling. They keep your hands warm and provide an essential layer of protection. If the unthinkable happens, the first reaction is to brace for impact with the hands – it’s an instinct that is unavoidable. This is why you must wear gloves. This collection of motorcycle gloves includes all the designs and styles one would want in a biking glove. As for styles, you will find full-finger, fingerless, and short-wristed gloves. Stay comfortable with styles that are vented. You’ll also find heavy-duty gauntlet styles. There are gloves with gel-palms to fight vibration, and gloves with thermal linings, including fleece to fight the cold. A number of gloves are lined with 3M™ Thinsulate – the best available for total comfort. For those wet days, you will find several styles that are waterproof. All of these gloves use premium leather, including some with made with deerskin for extra softness.

Redline® and Milwaukee Leather® are reputable manufacturers with a long history of making high-quality motorcycling leather apparel at affordable prices. When it comes to riding safe, gloves are indispensable, not a luxury. For the ladies, sizes range from X-Small to 2X-Large. For the men, you will find that sizes run from X-Small to 3X-Large.

For those bikers that want the best gloves at competitive prices, look over these Redline® and Milwaukee Leather® offerings right here at