Half Helmet

Harley-Davidson® Women's Motorcycle Half-Helmets – Low Profile and Lightweight – Great for Urban Environments

Sometimes referred to as a "shorty," Half-Helmets provide an option when a rider wants a basic helmet that is small and light. It’s the best "wind in your face" option which also affords virtually unrestricted visibility. They are particularly good in high trafficked urban environments where keeping your head on the swivel is a must. They are extremely light weight, and comfortable. All of the helmets in our inventory meet or exceed DOT requirements - in other words, they are DOT Certified.

Affording basic cranial protection, half-helmets are popular for shorter rides at lower than highway speeds, like those encountered in urban settings. It’s a compromise affording basic protection while allowing virtually unrestricted peripheral vision. Some of our half-helmets have shields that provide additional protection to the face against the wind and road debris. If you ride in an urban setting, where speeds are low because of stop-and-go heavy traffic conditions, it is an option to be considered. If you are heading out of town at freeway speeds, we recommend a more robust open face helmet, which provides more protection to the head.

Look sharp and be safe. Harley-Davidson® women's motorcycle helmets protect your most precious asset with style, YOU! Our inventory of half-helmets has sizes generally running from X-Small to 2X-Large, and in some cases as small as 2X-Small. All of the choices feature popular Harley-Davidson® logos and graphics. We have also included helmets from LS2 and Fulmer - because we know you want choices.

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NOTE: Due to strict DOT safety and health restrictions, helmets may not be returned or exchanged, unless they are damaged during shipment.