Athletic Shoes

Harley-Davidson® Athletic Shoes for Women – For Running, Jumping, Walking, Strolling, and Hiking

You don’t have to pay a fortune to get great quality in an athletic shoe. Here, you can get that quality, comfort, and style, along with coveted Harley-Davidson® logos. If you enjoy working out, walking, running, hiking, or just running around doing errands, here is a selection of shoes that are styled to the task. In both hi-top and low-quarter styles, these shoes are made with leather or top-quality canvas uppers in colors that match most any outfit. Trekking along any hiking trail is made easy with the Waites style. For functionality and fashion, they'll be a great addition to your footwear ensemble.

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NOTE: For safety, please ensure that you are wearing suitable footwear when riding a motorcycle. In general, athletic shoes may not provide the kind of protection you want when motorcycling.