Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Seats, Backrests, and Hardware – Comfort for the Long Haul

Motorcycle rides are uniquely demanding, but they're worthy it. From the impact of harsh roads to extended travel, find the right seats, backrest, and accessories to help you experience a ride adapted to your needs. Unlike a car bench or bucket seat, there is no support for the back on a bike - the seat does all the work. This brings us to why you are here. You must already know that the remedy for SBS (Sore Butt Syndrome) is to get a seat that’s comfortable and fits. Yes, it’s all about being comfortable – but it’s also about looking good too. There is no reason they can’t coexist. Harley-Davidson® realizes this and has many options to tickle your, umm . . . your fancy. Be prepared for comfort and great looks with these superb motorcycle seats, backrests, and associated hardware. While Harley’s® OEM seats are good, there are customized options available that will improve the seated experience, too.

Depending on your bike, Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® has a solution. With numerous matching pillion passenger rests, it’s all here. The choices offered here are time tested and have proven themselves by their sheer popularity. The marketplace being the great equalizer that it is, the seats that satisfy make it, and these seats are tried and proven to be keepers. 

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