Open Face Helmet

Harley-Davidson® Women's Open- and Full-Face Helmets - Suitable for Highway and Freeway Motorcycling

The major considerations when choosing a motorcycle helmet are Safety, Comfort, and Style. Open and full-face helmets are a step-up in safety coverage compared to the half-helmet. The major difference between the two styles is the coverage. Though peripheral vision is more restricted, open and full-face helmets offer more protection to the cheeks and/or the jaw, something you want at higher speeds where the consequence of an accident are more dire. Our Open and Full Face helmets meet DOT safety standards - in other words, they are DOT Certified.

Regarding the question of comfort, the trade-off is clear: For maximum protection, cover the jaw and chin; for more freedom of movement, opt for an open-face style. The protection offered by this collection allows for higher riding speeds, like those experienced on freeways and highways, where traffic is relatively light, i.e., not heavily trafficked urban stop/go with a lot of side traffic. Regardless of your choice, Harley-Davidson® helmets provide Safety, Style, and Comfort. The style you select is completely up to you. Harley-Davidson® women's motorcycle helmets protect your most precious asset with style, YOU! Our inventory has full size runs, from X-Small to 2X-Large. We have also included helmets from LS2 and CastleX because we know you want choices.

NOTE: Due to strict DOT safety and health restrictions, helmets may not be returned or exchanged, unless they are damaged during shipment.