Riding Chaps & Pants

Harley-Davidson®, Redline®, Milwaukee Leather®, Leather King®, and Missing Link® Leather Chaps and Pants

If your steed of choice is a motorcycle, while sage brush remains a hazard out on the range, it’s the wind, flying debris, and the pavement you battle while riding today's highways and freeways. For superior protection in these riding environments, wear leather chaps and performance riding pants. Leather chaps and pants are versatile for warm or cold weather temperatures, providing wind protection in all seasons. Reflective designs keep your ride safe. Remember, chaps can to be cut to fit. In addition to Harley-Davidson®, we also have chaps made my Milwaukee Leather®, Missing Link®, Leather King®, and Redline®. We have a large variety of styles and extended sizes. Leather King's® Zippered Thigh Pocket style chaps are available in sizes as small as 3XS and as large as 10XL.

On a motorcycle, it's only you against the elements. Dress for the part. We've got what you need at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®.