Womens Headwear

Harley-Davidson® Women's Headwear Styles – Baseball Hats to Headwraps & Bandanas

With so many offerings, your helmet hair is covered right here at WisconsinHarley.com. Whether it’s a ball cap for a sunny day, or a headwrap to protect the inside of your helmet, we have the feminine headwear you want.

The styles include the baseball hat, the flat top, flat brim, traditional biker, visor caps, skull caps, cold weather hats like beanies and ear warmers, headwraps, headbands, bandanas, and even scrunchies. Designs include reflective, adjustable and fitted, the washed look, the frayed look, and hats with rhinestone embellishments. Finish detailing includes embroidery or patches featuring logos such as the H-D® Motorcycles, the classic Bar & Shield®, the silhouette Bar & Shield®, the Skull Wings, the Bar & Shield® Wings, Screamin’ Eagle Racing®, #1 Logo, and embellished headbands with the a traditional Bar & Shield®. Select a frayed hat to look like you’ve been there already. Colors include black, traditional Harley® orange, white, black with orange stitching, and various combinations of all these colors. 

For the neck, select from our many bandana designs, all sized perfectly for your neck. Regarding headwraps, they are great to wear with the helmet – keeping the helmet clean, dry, and fresh. Leave it on after you remove your helmet – they are adorned with your favorite logos and graphics, and some have embroidery. For cooler days, try a skull knit cap, or an embroidered knit cap with visor.

Because we know you want choices, we’ve included a number of headwraps from That’s A Wrap®. They have intricate detailing with innovative tracery and embellishments, including paisley, butterfly, and Christian crosses.

For Women’s headwear you can’t miss with WisconsinHarley.com.