Headwraps - Bandanas

Harley-Davidson® and That's A Wrap!® Headwraps, Bandanas, and Scrunchies for Women

On or off the bike, headwraps and bandanas have a place in your wardrobe. Why? First off, the functional argument: A headwrap offers a way to keep your helmet clean and fresh. Perspiration is the enemy. While many helmets are ventilated, it’s not always enough. Simply put, our heads perspire when they get too warm. Somehow, we’ve got to get the sweat off the scalp while keeping it off the helmet liner. A headwrap will do this. A headwrap absorbs this perspiration and also serves as a barrier to prevent hair oils from contaminating a helmet’s lining. Then, there is the fashion argument: When you take off the helmet, the headwrap is exposed in all its colorful glory, keeping your hair in place, in style - it's now a fashion accessory.

As for bandanas, they have been a popular fashion accessory in many cultures for centuries. They perform dual duty by warming or cooling the neck area by keeping the heat close, or by cooling as perspiration evaporates (evaporative cooling). In addition to being practical, they’re colorful as a fashion accessory - as any cowgirl will attest. Choose from a variety of headwrap and bandana styles, materials and colors, all made with a feminine touch. Embellishments abound and all your classic Harley® logos are here, including the Bar & Shield® in its many forms. With studs, crystals, foil prints, and intricate flourishes, each design style is a one-of-a-kind.

This collection of bandanas, headwraps, and scrunchies has over 100 designs from which to choose. Because we know you want choices, in addition to Harley-Davidson® branded items, we have included a variety of That’s A Wrap!® Knotty Band headband and bandana styles made by TAW Gear, including those embellished with their very distinctive skull designs.

The Knotty Band offers you super soft and stretchy comfort with a design versatility that gets you two looks out of one head band - fold it in half for a thinner look, or, if you want the high coverage and high style, wear it wide! That’s A Wrap! headbands are made in the USA.

Whatever it takes, WisconsinHarley.com is here for you.