Harley-Davidson® Women’s Fine Sterling Silver Rings

Rings have enhanced the beauty of women for almost five millennia, dating back to 2800 BCE. And, that’s as far back as we know of – the idea is probably much older. That said, idea of wearing a ring on the right hand as a popular fashion accessory in informal settings only dates back to the early 1920’s, when they were commonly worn in Speakeasies during the Prohibition years - hence the word, "cocktail" ring. When Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood began wearing right hand rings in the mid-20th Century, the idea went mainstream. With so many designs from which to choose, you are sure to find a ring that works for almost any occasion. For your favorite pair of sandals, we also have toe rings. 

There is nothing like sterling silver for a fashionable jewelry piece. Set off with rhinestones and crystals, and finished with hand-crafted detailing, the final result is beautiful. All your favorite Harley® logos are available, too, especially the silhouette Bar & Shield®, which is perfectly shaped for crystal embellishment. From champagne crystal bling rings to filigree rose-gold plated designs on sterling, you can be as quiet or eye-catching as you please. Made by MOD® Jewelry under Harley-Davidson license, these rings are sized for any woman and are designed for any taste. What’s more, our ring collection is imminently affordable, fitting into anyone’s budget.

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