Baseball Caps

Harley-Davidson® Men's Baseball and Trucker Hats and Caps

The modern-day baseball cap is a fashion accessory that’s worn everywhere, by everyone. New Era, alone, in one recent year produced 65 million baseball caps, enough for one fifth of the USA population - IN ONE YEAR! Yes! They are ubiquitous. The only relationship with baseball today is that baseball players also wear them. Fact is, the baseball hat has moved well beyond a sportswear item – it is mainstream USA fashion.

Whether it's a baseball cap or a mesh-back trucker hat, we have you covered with dozens of custom styles. Designs include reflective, adjustable, fitted, the washed look, the frayed look, and popular New Era styles, like the 39THIRTY®, and 59FIFTY®. Finish detailing includes embroidery and/or patches featuring logos such as H-D® Motorcycles, the Bar & Shield® in its many colors, the Trade Mark Bar & Shield®, Skull Wings, Bar & Shield® Wings, and more. 

The list of hats is exhaustive. Select a frayed hat to look like you’ve been there already. Colors include black, traditional Harley® orange, white, black with orange stitching, military olive green, blue, grey, grey flannel, and on and on with various combinations of all these colors.

Take your time - find one that's just right for you. And ladies, don’t be shy - you can wear these hats, too.