Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 13th

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 13th

Posted by Jason, from the Black Hills of South Dakota on May 1st 2018

Mother’s Day is almost here. With the recent passing of Barbara Bush, known to many as America’s Grandmother, we are reminded of all the wonderful Mothers and Grandmothers in our own lives. While they may not be USA’s First Lady or First Grandma, they still rate FIRST in our lives. Whether it’s a wife, mother, or even sister, the women in our lives sustain the family in so many ways, especially when they are Moms. They chart the course for the family-unit's voyage through life, from the birth and the raising of children, and all the way through the golden years. They are strong because they have to be. As men, we love them for everything they do. With a tender touch, a smile, or a soft word said at just the right moment – they simply make things “go right.”

So, we formally recognize their essential role once a year on Mother's Day, and informally we do so each and every day. While a Mother’s Day card is appreciated, go the extra step and get her something from your biking heart. If your lady is also a Harley-Davidson® fan, we have selected a number of gifts she might appreciate on Mother’s Day. Wisconsin Harley-Davidson has again helped us hapless male shoppers by narrowing down the options to a dozen or so from which to choose. Each of these items is a winner because they are popular. If the Mom in your life likes to hit the open road on a motorcycle, or just loves the biker fashion look, you'll find something here that she'll like. This list is organized to fit any budget. There is a separate section for gifts under $50, under $75, and gifts under $150. There is also a section named "Perfect Accessories," which has a wide range of prices. Just click on something you might like and the link will open a new window. Take time to check out the tops, hats, and socks. Propose a toast using the 115th Anniversary Limited Edition Wine Glasses. There is a hoodie for cool evenings, and a dressy long sleeve shirt for an evening out. You also find Tegan boots in sizes 5 through 11. If Mom travels, she’ll love the Tattoo Pullman suitcase. For work or for running errands, get her the Stonewashed Leather Surplus Handbag, which is generously sized and has a distressed finish. The leather finish is unique.

Happy Mother's Day to all the great First Ladies out there.

Gifts Under $50

V-NeckWild&Free HatSocks    Henley

Wine Glasses     Sling

Gifts Under $75

HoodieSwag  Martini  Gloves  

Wallet            Shirt

Gifts Under $150

Pullman Bling    Bag                Jacket                     Boots     Watach

Perfect Accessories Regardless of Price