LED Lighting for Spring Riding

LED Lighting for Spring Riding

Posted by Jason, who lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota on Jan 23rd 2021

It’s winter, and I know what you’re thinking. If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re wondering if we’re going to have an early spring. If you live in the south, you’re wondering if you can ride your motorcycle today or tomorrow because it’s always hit and miss with the cooler temperatures. Here’s an idea regardless of where you live – get ready to ride and to BE SEEN this time. If it’s next week, good for you. If it’s several months from now, I feel for you. Whatever your situation, if your motorcycle is not already equipped with LEDs, take some time and upgrade. They can save your life because you'll be seen, at night, during the day, and during inclement weather like rain or fog.

Take this downtime, whether it’s the season of cold or the season of COVID, to upgrade your motorcycle’s headlights to LEDs. Harley has a nice selection of LED upgrades for your bike. They are easy to install, and they could save your life because “being seen” is fundamental to motorcycle riding safety. Many times, the investigating police officer at a motorcycle accident involving an automobile hears the same refrain – “I didn’t see him, officer.” So "being seen" is the goal.

LED lights are great. You already know why – and that’s why you probably have many in your house or apartment already. They’re bright, they last for years, and they don’t draw much power. And, they are available for your motorcycle, too. The first link below will take you to over 170 LED applications, from headlights, to turn signals, lighting options for saddle bags, tail lights, and there are even applications for the home. The second link takes you the the Daymaker, one of the most popular LED headlight applications you can find. Be sure to carefully read the fitment description for each application.  

Be Seen with LEDs - Look for headlights, turn signals, running lights, and much more - 170 applications just in this one link.

LED Lighting

And, here is a link to the Daymaker LED applications, including headlights, auxiliary lamps, and fog lamps.. They can’t be beat!

Daymaker selections