Father's Day 2020 Arrives on June 21st

Father's Day 2020 Arrives on June 21st

Posted by Jason, who lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota on Jun 11th 2020

Depending on where you live in the USA, Father’s Day arrives within hours of the Summer Solstice. So, let’s make Father’s Day a cosmic event this year! It’s coming on Sunday, June 21st.

It’s not likely we’ll forget dear old Dad this year. Due to the Coronavirus, we’ve probably seen enough of him during these difficult months of family isolation, not to mention his worry over the civil unrest. It’s been a perfect storm for worry and fretting for most family’s this year.

Why not brighten up your day, literally, with some new threads for dear old Dad. After all, we see from morning to night nowadays. A new shirt or hat will cheer both him and family members up.

While family activities are probably limited this year, you can also brighten up any special man in your life. In addition to Dad, don’t forget those uncles, brothers, cousins, and grandfathers you probably haven’t seen in months. Close friends are not to be forgotten, either. As always, Wisconsin Harley-Davidson has some ideas to help you with this event.

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So, here are several gift ideas from my contacts at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson. The prices are reduced, so that works just in time for Father's Day. Here they are:

Harley-Davidson® Men's Insignia Embroidered B&S Logo Snapback Baseball Cap, Black

Harley-Davidson® Men's Distressed Excursion Graphic Short Sleeve T-Shirt, White

Harley-Davidson® Men's Custom Bikes Long Sleeve Crew-Neck Cotton Shirt, Indigo

Harley-Davidson® Men's Living Legend Zip-Up Poly-Blend Hoodie, Solid Black

Harley-Davidson® Men's Dellridge 10.75-Inch Grey or Brown Motorcycle Boots D93598

Get Dad through the CoronaVirus by falling back onto a sure thing! Harley-Davidson.