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Harley-Davidson® MOD® Jewelry Group: Women’s Belly Jewels*

We have a limited number of sterling silver belly jewels for your consideration. Harley-Davidson® has licensed MOD® Jewelry Group for most of their jewelry offerings, and it no surprise that they also licensed MOD® to make Harley’s® Women’s Belly Jewels. Made of sterling silver and surgical steel to reduce the risk of infection, these jewels are beautiful and have become more and more popular in recent decades. They should be installed and worn only by those experienced in belly piercing because there are risks. For the uninitiated, with proper guidance and a clear understanding of these risks, you too can successfully enjoy this method of body adornment.

For some, having a gorgeous belly jewel is a must for summer fun. Your choices include the popular banana jewels, embellished with crystals or fine filigree artwork depicting well-known Harley® logos. There is also a dangle design featuring a black onyx stud coupled to a Bar & Shield® logo, with a dangling Harley® wing and a separate silhouette Bar & Shield®.

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*NOTE: Belly piercing should be performed by legitimate professionals who are either licensed in states where it is required, or in salons that have passed inspections by State or Local Health officials. If you are going to do it, get it done right! This is not something you should try at home.