A Word about Motorcycle Helmets

A Word about Motorcycle Helmets

Posted by Jason, a long time Customer and Safety Advocate on Sep 9th 2016

Motrocycle Helmet Safety I'm not making judgments about your biking preferences, but I think you really should wear a helmet. There was a time when helmets were rarely worn.  But we know better these days.  Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is not a walk in the park.  It has risks and studies have shown that motorcycle helmets do save lives.  It’s a fact you’ve heard a thousand times.  But did you know that the CDC says helmet use prevents up to 37% of fatalities from motorcycle operations.  And for your passengers, the survival rates get better with a helmet.  So, what’s your most precious asset?  You and your family!  Let’s protect both with a motorcycle helmet.

What kind should I buy? Basically, there are four styles and they all provide excellent protection.

  • For those that hate helmets, the Half-Helmet, sometimes referred to as shorty-helmets, provides basic protection that is small, light, and cool in hot weather. Its beanie appearance is rather novel and fashionable too.
  • An Open-Face (¾)-Helmet is a step up in coverage and protection.  With this helmet only the face is left uncovered.
  • The best protection is afforded by wearing a Full-Face motorcycle helmet.  These styles encase cheeks and the jaw.  A face shield protects the face from impact and flying debris, and flips up if desired.  Most full-face helmets have a vent system to keep the head cool on hot days.
  • The Modular Helmet combines the style and benefits of the Full-Face and the Open-Face (¾).  With this style you can flip-up the chin bar for easier on/off.  It can also be flipped-up when riding when full-face exposure is desired.

Ride safe, and wear a helmet!