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Compression Sleeves


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Compression Sleeves and Socks

There is a common misconception that compression sleeves and socks are only for rehabilitation. In fact they are an incredibly useful addition to your riding gear. What compression sleeves and socks do is simple; they put a light amount of pressure on your arms or legs to increase circulation and blood flow. Why is this useful for riders? When riding a motorcycle it's common to be idle for long periods of time, with little to no movement. This can lead to having your limbs swell up, and in many cases "fall asleep."  Discomfort quickly follows, particularly on longer rides. Compression sleeve and socks are a great aid that many riders have turned to for enhancing comfort experience.

Our compression sleeves not only look great, adding a cool arm tattoo look, but protect you from wind and sun.  They are rated at a SPF 50 sunburn protection!