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Father's Day is on Sunday, June 18th

Posted by Jason, from the Black Hills of South Dakota on

While Mothers have been celebrated dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, Father’s Day was a bit late in coming, being practiced first in Washington state in 1910. According to one version, Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honoring and celebrating her father while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at church in 1909. The movement grew in fits and starts. President Calvin Coolidge said he thought it was a good idea, but his focus was more at reminding fathers of their obligations rather than celebrating their existence. Fast forward through World War II, Korea and into the early days of the Vietnam War. It was then, in 1966, that President Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as the official day to celebrate our Fathers. While Mother’s Day still receives the lion’s share of celebration, and with good cause, let’s not forget dear old Dad.

The first thing most of us do when Father’s Day rolls around each year is to get a card and a gift. As for the card, we like this because we don’t have to do the writing. Pick out a card, “Yep, that sounds about right,” and away we go. While cards are great, some prefer the do- it-yourself model. As grammar school kids our teachers would gather us around craft tables to make our own Mother’s Day cards (back in the day before Father’s Day). It was special, because it was made by us 7-year old kids, and it was authentically personal…neatness wasn’t an issue. It was personal, something from a 7-year old's heart. Likewise, while a well-chosen card is good, I would also write a short paragraph saying something from the heart and enclose it in with the card – don’t leave it to someone else to put all the words in your mouth. Write about something special that happened during the last year. Or, recall a touching moment in years past when Dad was there for you when you needed him. 

Then there’s part two, the gift. Again, make it personal – something that Dad would never get for himself. That leaves out tools. And, if Dad is a motorcycle enthusiast, it’s easy to follow the “make it personal” rule. There’s nothing more personal to Biker Dad than his favorite pastime, motorcycling. It’s a way of life. With that in mind, Wisconsin Harley-Davidson has an inventory of great items from which to choose. If you can, remember get something he might want, as opposed to what he might need. The rule here is to get something he would not purchase for himself – that will make it special.

In closing, put some thought into your Father's Day celebration. What Dad will remember most is how you make him feel through your written and spoken words.


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