Harley-Davidson® and MOD® Jewelry Fine Bracelets for Women - The Perfect Adornment, Always

The next time you slip on a bracelet, remember you are wearing a fashion accessory that goes back thousands of years, which proves that the bracelet was, and is, an enduring and popular fashion accessory. The look of a bracelet is effortless and can make any outfit sing. It’s also a fun way to express your individuality.

Our large collection of designs and styles means it will be easy to find the perfect wrist bracelet, just for you. Fashion experts say to choose a wide bracelet to make your wrist look slimmer – like a cuff. If your wrists are already thin, then any delicate bracelet works.

Harley-Davidson® and MOD® Jewelry designs focus on Harley-Davidson® art and logos, including the Bar & Shield® logo in various forms, like the silhouette, or the Willy G skull for a bit of edginess. Styles also include hearts, feathers, scripts, crystal embellished cuffs, wings, leather cuffs, and more. Whether it’s a bangle, cuff, or ring bracelet, you will find a bracelet to enhance your ensemble, from fashionable to sophisticated – with so many from which to choose, there is one for you, including bracelets with turquoise, charms, a red/white/blue heart, tassels, crosses, cuffs (including one with pink rhinestones), rose gold logos, and so much more.

Made under Harley-Davidson® license, MOD® Jewelry is the standard bearer for fine Harley-Davidson® jewelry items for women. You are sure to find a bracelet that suits your outfit and the occasion, whether it’s at work or an evening on the town. We have also added a number of variously colored faux suede bracelets and a studded leather bracelet from Hair Glove. They are embellished with studs and are great for everyday use - totally causal with a biker vibe. has the bracelet you are looking for!