Headwraps - Bandanas

Harley-Davidson® Men's Headwraps and Bandanas – A Stylish Way to Keep Your Helmet Clean

For motorcyclists, there are two huge reasons for wearing a headwrap. While they are colorfully fashionable, most importantly they keep your helmet clean. Keeping the inside of your helmet clean and dry is not an easy task. That’s why many helmets are ventilated. A headwrap absorbs sweat and also serves as a barrier to prevent hair oils from contaminating a helmet’s lining. Wearing a headwrap means the mission is accomplished, keeping your helmet clean and dry. The second reason for wearing a headwrap comes into play when you take your helmet off because it now becomes a fashion statement.

Regarding bandanas, they have been a popular fashion accessory in many cultures for centuries. They perform a dual duty: They warm by insulating the neck area; and, they can also cool the neck area by absorbing sweat for evaporative cooling. In addition to being practical, they’re colorful as a fashion accessory - as any cowboy will attest.

Choose from a variety of headwrap and bandana styles, materials, and colors, all adorned with Harley’s® classic logos, including the Willie G Skull and Bar & Shield® logos. Headwrap designs include a military olive green, a patriotic design with stars, flames, an all-over Bar & Shield®, and more. When it comes to bandanas, check out the results when graphic designers are let loose – awesome. The bandanas are all sized perfectly sized at 24 x 24-inches. 

Because we know you want choices, we have included wraps from our favorite alternative manufacturer, That's A Wrap.

Get covered in style and keep your helmet clean with WisconsinHarley.com.