Gauntlet Gloves

Harley-Davidson® Men's Gauntlet Gloves – Be Ready for Anything

During medieval times gauntlet gloves offered the best hand protection around, even if they were clunky and made of metal. Today, gauntlets are still the best when it comes to hand protection, and they’re much more comfortable. We believe every motorcyclist needs to have a good collection of riding gloves, and a pair of gauntlet gloves should be an essential part of that collection. While gauntlet gloves are designed for harsh riding conditions, they can also be used on mild days for maximum protection, too. The major design element that distinguishes the gauntlet glove from other gloves, other than heavy duty design, is that gauntlets extend over the wrists. With your jacket tucked inside the gloves they prevent wind from reaching the inside of your sleeves – no tucking necessary. Many Gauntlets are designed with waterproof leather, tricot lings, ergonomic thumbs, goggle wipes on thumbs, 3M™ reflective materials, and wrist bungee cords. Sizes range from Small to 3XL.

In additional to Harley-Davidson® gauntlets, we have included gauntlets made by Milwaukee Leather® and Redline® because we know you want choices.

Be ready for the worst riding conditions with gauntlet gloves from