Full Finger Gloves

Harley-Davidson® Men's Full-Finger Gloves - For Year-Round Riding Comfort and Protection

If you are inclined not to wear gloves in summer, you may want to rethink that position. Experienced motorcyclists always wear gloves, and here is a “reason why” scenario: A Ring-Necked Pheasant, weighing in at over a pound, flares up and hits your bare hand at 70-mph. That is not only going to smart, it’s going to hurt with cuts and abrasions. A pair of gloves will mitigate the injury. Experienced riders know that birds and road debris like crushed cans, branches, tire remnants, etc., are just a few of the dangers we face while riding the highways. You already wear a jacket and helmet, right? Let’s also protect your hands with full-finger gloves.

The best part is that full-finger gloves is that you can wear them all year. Gloves not only shield hands from damage but also keep them warm in cool weather, and prevent excessive sweating on warm days, especially those with perforated designs. Designs include all leather, tricot linings, ergonomic thumbs, pre-curved fingers, stretch knuckles, padded palms, and gloves with adjustable closures. Check out the anti-vibration gloves which have gel palms for prolonged comfort on those three-hour trips. If you have a favorite Harley® logo as a theme for your clothing and/or bike, you will probably find that logo here, too. Available sizes range from Small to 3XL.

Because we know our customers always want a choice, in addition to the Harley-Davidson® brand, we have included other well known and popular brands.

Whether it's vented or perforated gloves for summer, or gloves designed for cold weather riding, you will find what you need at WisconsinHarley.com.